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Futur en tous genres – all you need to know

In Switzerland, there are many trainings and professions that are still dominated by either women or men. This is why Futur en tous genres aims to broaden the career horizons of both female and male school pupils and give them a chance to learn about jobs that are underrepresented by their gender. On this national day of action, hundreds of companies, organisations, vocational schools, and higher education institutions are opening their doors to girls and boys throughout Switzerland. Each canton will have a different focus:

  • Canton of Bern: years 7H to 9H (HarmoS),
  • Canton of Neuchâtel: years 9e (HarmoS),
  • Canton of Valais: year 8H (HarmoS),
  • Canton of Fribourg: years 7H (basic programme) and 10H (topic-based ateliers/workshops) (HarmoS),
  • Canton of Geneva: year 9e (compulsory participation) (HarmoS),
  • Canton of Vaud: years 7e to 9e (HarmoS).

On the day

Cross-gender participation is central to the day of Futur en tous genres. Basically, children will learn about jobs, career paths, and professions that are unrepresented by their gender. Over the course of the day, pupils from the above year groups will accompany a relative of the opposite sex to their place of work (basic programme) or take part in a topic-based atelier/workshop (registration is via our website here).

1. Basic programme: girls and boys visit a workplace
As part of the basic programme, pupils accompany a relative to their workplace. There are various possible options. We suggest you speak to your colleagues, the management at your company, or the human resources department.
The basic programme may take different forms. Here are some examples:

  • Girls accompany their fathers and boys accompany their mothers (or someone they know);
  • Girls accompany a female in a traditionally male-dominated field and boys accompany a male in a traditionally female-dominated field. For example, a boy accompanies his male neighbour who works as a midwife in a hospital, or a girl accompany her female neighbour who works in IT.

The idea is for children to broaden their horizons and learn about a profession they may not have considered yet.
2. Topic-based ateliers/workshops: girls and boys choose a hands-on atelier/workshop
A large number of companies and organisations, as well as vocational schools and higher education institutions, offer topic-based ateliers/workshops involving jobs which are underrepresented by women or men. You can find the list of topic-based ateliers/workshops on the ‘Ateliers’ page, where you can also register your child directly online.

Practical information

At your company
Ask your company if you can take your child to work on the Futur en tous genres Day and then inform your colleagues. At many companies, Futur en tous genres Day is already part of the calendar.

At school (does not apply to the Canton of Geneva)
If your child wishes to accompany you at work or take part in a topic-based atelier/workshop, you will need to fill out a formal absence request (dispense scolaire), which your child will give to their teacher. If your child’s class is not taking part in this day, he or she may still have the opportunity to get involved in topic-based activities in the classroom.

Preparing for Futur en tous genres Day
To prepare for Futur en tous genres Day, you need to think about the kind of work your child may want to learn about. There is a checklist to help you prepare for this day. In Geneva, your child will use their Student Handbook to prepare for the day.

Ask a colleague if he or she is willing to answer a few questions your child may wish to ask. The idea behind the day is for girls and boys to discover just how many professions there actually are. So when choosing someone, make sure you pick a job your child is not familiar with or where their gender is underrepresented. A model interview is available for download.

Evaluation questionnaire
At the end of the day, ask your child to complete the evaluation questionnaire for the Futur en tous genres Day and send it to the organisers of Futur en tous genres. In Geneva, an evaluation form can be found in the Student Handbook.

Other activities about career choices

Besides taking part in the basic programme or an atelier/workshop, there are other ways to help your child make a career choice free of gender stereotypes. Find out here about the games and documentation available.


The team of Futur en tous genres is happy to answer any questions you may have:

Email: info(at)
Telephone: 022.388.74.73 or 079.531.31.28

Frequently asked questions
The Frequently asked questions page has answers to the most frequently asked questions about Futures Without Barriers Day.